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September 29, 2009


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Me, me, me.


Just had to get in there, sorry for being so rude (excitement overcame me). Helen I've searched & searched but can't find the swallow post? Help......x

stencil helen

Liz, it will be our pleasure to send you the art nouveau stencils. Here is a link to one of the swallow posts, it has the picture that you were looking for plus a picture from Elle Deco magazine showing their interpretation of the swallow stencil. http://designinspiration.typepad.com/design_inspiration_planet/2007/09/index.html
The original post appeared in Setember 07. Swallows are available on www.stencil-library.com in the on line exclusives section. http://www.stencil-library.com/docs/exclusives02.html There are three in the set.


ooooooo, I am always too late. love these!


Could me have free art nouveau stencils?
thank you very much

from Taiwan

Jocelyn Lee

stencil helen

Hello Jocelyn,
There is only one set of used stencils that are given away each week.
They are given to the first person who leaves a comment. Please visit again, you might be successful on another occasion.

Tracy T

Love the site! How do you receive free stencil?

stencil helen

You receive a free stencil by being the first person to have their comment published when a new post about giveaway stencils appears. This one was won by Liz, but visit again, you may be in time to get one of the next ones.


Hello, I love GMT43!!!!! Can I have it please?

helen morris

Hi Paige,
GMT 43 is indeed a handsome stencil but it is not offered as a giveaway at the moment. It is available for sale at www.stencil-library.co.uk. BUT, If I use one in a project and then have the used one to give away it will be offered on this blog.


love to stencil. hoping for some freebies?

stencil helen

Hello Jean, Yes I must dust off some of my used stencils and do some more give aways. I shall try to do one before the end of the month. Visit again, you may be lucky.

J Hemson

your site has got me feeling like I can do anything myself rather than pay the big high street prices for art. Thank You I am going to pass your site on to everyone. if I could get a free stencil it would make my day.


What a wonderful idea. If you know of a site who sell used art nouveau stencils it would be very much appreciated as unfortunately I seem to have been born with 10 thumbs so am completely untalented?...I think that is a made up word as well so add uneducated to my charms.
Kind regards

Helen Morris

It is worth bookmarking us as we do give away used stencils. You may get used ones on auction sites but beware of the state of them. We would only give or sell used stencils that can be used again. I am not sure whether I have 'used' art nouveau stencils but will take a look, I have rather a lot of used stencils.

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