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October 21, 2009


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I am first???? Really!!!


I cannot believe this! I am first! I CANNOT WAIT to get these. I know exactly where they are going. Oh I am sooooo happy! How do I pay?

stencil helen

Yaaaay, really!
I will email you in the morning for delivery details, we have a postal strikes either tomorrow or Friday in the UK so I want to get this to you as soon as possible.


Just a glorious design!

stencil helen

Yes it is a goody! Anyone who wants to buy the smaller hydrangea can do it through our web site at www.stencil-library.com other sizes need to be ordered privately.

debra booth

all the stencils are great its hard to choose.

Allison Jaques

Hi Your Stencils are just beautiful I'm loving all of them, are the freebies still available?? I would love to give it a go even though I am a complete novice Allison x

stencil helen

Alison, one of the points in giving away my used stencils is to encourage novices to give it a go. The hydrangea stencils have gone to the first commentor but there are other designs still to come from my store cupboard. Keep visiting, they may be yours next time. You must have only just missed yesterdays!

Lynn J. Little

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the hydrangea stencil. thinking of doing that in my bedroom.....love it!
How often do you give these away?

Helen Morris

Hello Lynn, I don't have another used hydrangea stencil to give away but I do have new ones for sale. Find them here
http://www.stencil-library.co.uk/fruitandflower-motif-stencils/page1.html If we do not have the size that you want, just ask and we will give a price to cut one one in a different size. There will be more used stencil giveaways...just not this hydrangea but there may be something else that you'll like.


I would like to buy a hydrangea stencil how do I place an order. Please can you email me wit the price. Zoe.

Helen Morris

Hi Zoe,
Thank you for your enquiry, my private email to you keeps returning, so I shall need to reply here.
The hydrangea stencils in the blog post are 150 percent and 380 percent larger than their usual size. The price for the pair of them would be £70.00 Postage to the UK is free until the first of May2013. After that we well need to introduce UK postage prices. I can give you the shipping price for other countries once I know where you are. Our shipping prices will increase on May 1st, So let me know as soon as you can so that we can beat the rise. If you would like to order send me your address and any other pieces that you may need from us, brushes etc. http://www.stencil-library.com/accessories-stencils/index.html At the moment there is only one postal charge regardless of order size.
I will issue a Paypal request. You may phone or fax payment if you prefer.

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