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September 06, 2010


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Helen, FSBO = "For Sale By Owner". I love those sheds!

Sabina Rose

Drat you Helen, once again I have spent an hour this morning wandering through your blog drooling and dribbling with delight, when I should be knuckling down to the housework. Such wonderful feasts for the eye. I'm so proud that I was able to help you bring some of your ideas to life in the past, and it's thrilling to see your creativity continue to blossom. I'm in awe!

stencil helen

Sabina, Thank you. We made a great team and I hope that we're not done yet.
I sympathise about blog dribbling. I have to limit my viewing until after the office closes. Too much lovely stuff out there.
Julie, Thanks for FSBO I puzzled over that for some while.

Judy LaFortune

Good morning Helen, I found your blog. Thanks for bringing summer & sun with you to Powell River. It's great to walk & talk with you again. Thank goodness there was no bear to contend with on this morning's walk. The pack dynamics certainly changed with the absence of the youngster & his pals. Judy

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