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October 21, 2010


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stencil helen

This comment was posted by David Walker. I know that he was talking about this performance of Drama in the Parlour so I have cut and pasted from it's original location. Mr Walker wrote.

As one of those who played a part in Drama in the Parlour, I must sing the praises of all those who were involved. Alex Swan wrote a brilliant script - and will be writing more! His wife Marie was wildly entertaining even when she was simply Tilly the "cloaks girl." In fact everyone acted their socks off, much to the enjoyment of our highly appreciative audiences. Our two guest artists, both wonderful singers, were admired by all. The whole event was a zany mixture of eccentric drama, poetry and song. Several people have approached me in the street full of praise for our efforts.
My thanks go to everyone involved, both on stage and behind the scenes. Well done everyone!

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