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May 21, 2011


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Theresa Cheek

Helen! This is so ethereal! You can feel the waves ebb and flow through the energy of the brushstrokes. It almost has a Monet feel to it.....maybe some water lilly stencils?

helen morris

Yes it had crossed my mind that I was enveloped in a big Monet silk scarf when I was completing the last wall.
Have any readers visited the large waterlily paintings in Paris? I think they were in the Orangerie.


That is so beautiful. Warm pink sand, cool blue sky... and the gulls are just right; simple and elegant. You've captured that 'floating' thing that they do. Will they be in the catalog soon?


I saw the Monet collection at the Museum of Modern Art whilst in NYC recently. Fell in love with the Agapanthus painting.

Definitely agree with Theresa.

helen morris

The seagull stencils are not on the website yet but they are available. I can be contacted through this blog then I will correspond privately. I can either send a Paypal payment request, or customers can call the Stencil Library office and place the order by phone.
The seagull stencil costs six UK Pounds. UK postage free. For Europe add three pounds and rest of the world add five. The postal charge is per order so if you need other items order them at the same time.
Thanks Vicki, I am glad that you liked them.
Jeanne, I shall be looking for Monet's agapanthus I have a fab new agapanthus stencil and Monet might inspire another project!
Phone no.01661 844844. UK internationial code is 44 then drop the 0. **44 1661 844844.
Stencil Library

Helen Morris

Jeanne, I searched for monet agapanthus and found
'Claude Monet continued to work on the canvases known as the “Agapanthus triptych” until his death, making radical revisions. Most notably, he painted out the agapanthus plants that gave the canvas its name'

Hilarious, no wonder I had never seen them. I agree, the 'Agapanthus Triptych' (without agapanthus) is beautiful. I had only known it as waterlilies....duh.

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