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January 16, 2012


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Sounds like youre enjoying your placement, Dyane. Youve got a great teacher in the lovely Helen Morris - she and Mr Chips are very talented. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects on the blog.

stencil helen

Well, I had to publish Jeanne's comment. To get described as the 'lovely Helen' twice in a post is a rare occasion.
There will be another student project published very soon.

Karen Fenter

I love that stencil. When will it be for sale? We are buying a house in the states the end of January, and I will have an empty pallet to do what I want as we will not move in permanently until the end of the year(still in Qatar)

stencil helen

Hi Karen, It's for sale now. Orders can be placed by emailing us and we will charge via PayPal. Credit card orders can be placed by phone or fax. I'll copy this info in a private email to you. All our contact details can be found on www.stencil-library.com and www.stencil-library.co.uk
Our emaiil is also on the blog sidebar.
The size of tapestry rose stencil shown in the photos is 20.5 inches by 22, we can make other sizes. In the 22 inch size the stencil has 5 overlays and costs £130.00. One of the benefits of a stencil made from circles is that the bridges between the holes rarely break. So, it should last a long time. Maybe different colours can be used in different locations. Anyway, it is a lovely stencil and I will put together a room set then publish it on this blog very soon.

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