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January 22, 2012


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Whats your favourite baked potato topping?

Sabina Rose

Well, in answer to the last question, it might be quite fun to swap with YOU, Helen! It would be a day of whirlwind creative activity, that's for certain. Meanwhile you could be clearing the leaves from my garden...
This is fun; hope someone keeps it going!
love, S.

stencil helen

Jeanne, it's cottage cheese with raw, hot chilli peppers and should be accompanied with a green salad that has harissa or balsamic dressing. After that, Chilli peppers followed by dark chocolate make a delicious combination. I tried chocolate with harissa paste though and it did not work.

stencil helen

Ooooh oooh Sabina please come and help me on Thursday I would love your help and input on some creative projects that are lurking here.

I will have to think about who I'd swap with. Someone give me ideas??
There are so many people whose heads I would like to spend a day in, they include Marie Antoinette but not on the day that she lost hers.

Theresa Cheek

I thought I smelled chocolate!
If I could live anywhere, it would be Italy, they seem to "Get it" when it comes to celebrating life on a daily basis instead of the American mindset of cramming all the celebration into a two week vacation....what was it John Lennon said?....Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans.

If I could have something named after me, it would definitely be a dry pigment! I love them so....looking at all of them in their glass jars on my shelves with names like "caput mortuum" (google THAT one for a translation!) or ercolano blue....

If I could swap places with someone for a day, it would be Michelangelo when he was having to scrape the black mold from the beginning of the SIstine Chapel ceiling....He was summoned by the Pope to Rome a full year before the project began...of course, the Pope would not let him take another job while he waited...Once the Pope agreed to the job, January scirocco winds caused black mold to form on the wet plaster and the early fresco work had to be scraped off to begin again...sigh...nothing changes with clients! I would love to know his thought process and how he dealt with the adversity.

stencil helen

A dry pigment...how totally fabulous! I agree with the Italians and John Lennon. Changing places with Michael Angelo at that time is a brave choice...I hope that you are up to speed with yoga and pilates before taking on that job. Both body and mind would need it. Thanks Theresa.

Theresa Cheek

Hey, you said swap places for just ONE day! I think I could do that...just don't want a larger dose.
If I had a dry pigment named after me, it would be stored in an antique apothecary jar with a glass lid and maybe an antique ribbon tied around it for identification.


Mmm I love g&b chocolate. So lovely to hear from you, happy new year to you & your family! I'm sorry I don't get too much time for blog reading anymore but thank you so much for your wonderful comment. The church door is in Shildon, Co Durham (where I was born). It's beautiful isn't it, had my eye on it for a while for a little shoot :-)

stencil helen

Thanks PB, the church door was lovely. I thought that I recognised it but I don't think I've been to Shildon.

Theresa, your pigment idea just gets more handsome. I can see the jar and ribbon in my head.

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