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February 28, 2012


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HI, I am searching for a butterflies stencil on your website but cannot find it under the butterflies. Could you help me to find it please?

stencil helen

Hi Katya, I just did a search on www.stencil-library.co.uk and it gives a choice of 22 different stencils that feature butterflies. There are 19 butterfly stencils available on the stencil-library.com site BUT the stencils that appear in the photos above are very new and at the moment are offered to readers of this blog only so they are not on either site. If you want to know more or order any of them email me helen@stencil-library.com and I can make them for you.
I hope that this helps.

stencil helen

OK, a few people are asking me where to find the stencils so I apologise that I was not clear in the post. I'll do an edit.
At present the butterfly stencils in the photos can only be ordered by emailing or phoning me. All contact details including international dialing is here http://www.stencil-library.co.uk/stencils/contact.html
Here is a link to the metallic paints http://www.stencil-library.co.uk/accessories-stencils/index.html
They are rather lovely. You can order them from me too along with your stencil order. Still not clear? Ask me and I will try to help.

Mr Zorro

Love the butterflyed queen.

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