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July 28, 2012


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Hello Rachel!

I'm sorry to give a large fanfare to something you slipped in so quietly, but huge congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

I used to love buying and wearing vintage clothes, especially when I was at university in Brum, but here in Sydney there's not that much scope to find such things. I still regularly miss all my Victorian silk ruffled shirts, and my 20s velvet flapper jackets and my deco scarves. And wonder whether there are still the shops where you can go and come out with huge armfuls of diverse and beautiful old clothes.

Love the embroidery too - it reminds me so absolutely of a tray cloth my father embroidered for my mother when he was once in hospital - two eggs, one with a very saucy moustache, the other with those peculiarly curled 50s eyelashes.

All the best

stencil helen

Thank you Pamela! Always fab to hear from you. Your house still looks so beautiful even if it is in that "things must get worse before they can get better" phase. I cannot wait to see it all renovated and furnished. Yes, I am finally making it down the aisle next June. I am currently full-on into mad wedding planning and am looking forward to the actual event. There will be photos in due course. And I will be wearing vintage .... Rachel :)

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