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February 24, 2013


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I'd go with the repeating design.

Helen Morris

Thank you, so far all our Facebook page votes are for the big fish stencil. Nice to see a vote swimming against the tide. Chips (husband)likes the fish repeat too.


No I think I would go for the big fish - then again it does depending on what else is going in the room

Helen Morris

Yaaay Elaine. Lovely to hear from you. I am running some new classes this year. Actually, I should probably do the attic redecoration as a hands on class! It looks like the big fish is winning.


Go with Big Fish and if you haven't seen the film down load it its one of my favourites ! Hope you had a great birthday ! Love Cass xx

Helen Morris

I saw the movie and loved it, about time to revisit it I think. Whenever I see shoes hanging in a tree I think of the Big Fish film.

Betty Cooper

Dear Helen,
I love the idea of the big fish, especially with the variegated background. It would be a "WOW".

Helen Morris

Betty how lovely to hear from you. Chips is wanting to add the varigated background by stencil too. Could be interesting. Lots of love, x


My vote is for the large fish.

In my opinion,the repeat pattern is too busy and soon will become just part of the room and go unnoticed over time. That's fine if you intend to place furniture or hang other decor in that area.

The large fish stands alone as a piece of art. It's a conversation starter and something you will admire over and over.

Helen Morris

Thanks Lisa.
The room is an odd shape with six walls. I shall use the big fish on the wall in the drawing. I intend to have nothing but a low table, a lamp and a floor cushion there. I'll use the repeating stencil on two of the other walls. I was hoping to have started by now but the prep for my other projects is taking more time than expected. So frustrating, I want to get on with painting pretty things not be spending days cleaning up hacky carpet glue from four flights of stairs!

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