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June 11, 2013


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Congrats Rachel hope you have a fab day


suzi smith

fabulous re-vamping & lovely spaces, the garden is looking wonderful... fingers crossed :-)

Lynne Rutter

what a breathtaking garden! Of course running around gilding things never hurts! I am sure the wedding will be lovely

Helen Morris

I still have to finish gilding Colin the horse and the weather turned iffy so no varnishing got done. I could have done with your gilding skills this week Lynne. I had intended to mirror panel the shower room in stencilled, gilded Lucite. Aaaaah well, next month maybe.

Sabina Rose

You must be EXHAUSTED! It looks gorgeous, Helen. Roll on, Saturday...

Helen Morris

Not finished yet but some things won't get done. Bummer, ran out of energy due to mozzie bites and weather turning iffy. Wait til you see what Rachel did with the marquee, looks fabulous! Simple and scrummy!
Drama in the Parlour rehearsals tonight then if it's still light I will grab the trowel, put on Deet and get some more planting done. Rabbits ate my newly planted veggies.

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