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December 07, 2017


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Diane Marsland

Hi Helen,
I just stumbled on this today while I was browsing Pinterest. I used to follow Di's blog and was quite sad to hear of her passing. She didn't live far from me but even though I didn't ever meet her I always wanted to. I remember how devastated she was when her husband died. Such a shame.

stencil helen

Hi Diane, Both Harvey and Di were unique, creative and very funny people, both died far too young. It's a shame that you did not get to meet her...you might have been collaboraters!

Dizzy Liz

Hi Helen
I am so pleased I have stumbled upon your wonderful blog. I miss Designers Blog almost as much as I miss Di. Di ill be watching your Blog with love

stencil helen

Don't forget we promised her that you would finish her stencil work and that I would show you how, x

Alison Gibb

Dreadful news - Di helped me hugely to start my blog and I often turned to her for advice - tried to help her back but she knew it all - didn't need my help! Loveto all her friends and family - hope they realise how much she supported and helped do many people

stencil helen

Hi Alison, thank you for your comment, I have just spent a very enjoyable coffee break looking at your site and blog. There is rarely a day that I do not think of Di, I miss her a lot as I am sure that many do. Thanks again, Helen x

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