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September 21, 2007


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Di Overton

Brilliant each and every one. Thanks for your message Helen. I am off to Paris so will meet up when I get back I hope

Audrey Jones

These stencil ideas area beautiful.
I am a decorative painter in New Jersey and was so inspired by the large peacock feather stencil that I decided to try it out in my daughter's room. The finished wall is fantastic and I'm going to recommend this to clients looking for a sophisticated unique look . Thanks for posting your photo.!

stencil helen

Thank you both.
Audrey, do you have a photo of your stencil work? Would you like to share it with Designinspiration?

Audrey Jones

I have a great photo of what I did with the inspiration from your peacock feather stencil idea. Not sure how to post the photo.

stencil helen

Hi Audrey, Send it to me at helen@stencil-library.com and I will organise it.

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