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March 10, 2008


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Visiting your blog for the first time...and I am awed! Such creativity, and amazingly beautiful stencils! Thanks so much for sharing!

P.S: And the cat is adorable too

Di Overton

Been there, seen that.
Clyde is on my desktop and I swear he is winking at me


Friend sent me to youR siTE!!!

She is a stenciL afficinato(sp?) and I a mural arTist!!! She thinKs we'd make great friendS!!!!!!hahah
I have the saMe stairwell in my home and can not waiT to get this stenCiL!@@@@@@
I loVe everything you do!@!!
What an artisT!!!!


jeanne speed

helen your back stair area looks amazing and i cant wait to see it close-up.


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