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July 01, 2008


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I love the way this design has been used! I just love everything about it: the large scale, the simplicity of using only white, and the placement are all just a winning combination.

Di Overton

Now that is gorgeous


This design is gorgeos. I am in live with paisleys. Where did she get the stencil- I want to do this in my house!!

stencil helen

She bought the paisley pack from www.stencil-library.com. Just follow the link in the post to IN47. It will take you to the catalogue page.

sean mcelroy

Hey, I love your site.. I need a couple of paisley stencils in a couple of sizes... Can I buy these from you ??


Helen Morris

Hi Sean, Yes, they can be bought from us, they are our designs. You can order from either of our websites. I recommend that you visit www.stencil-library.co.uk rather than .com because the search is more advanced. Go to catalogue then type in paisley. You should then get a choice of paisleys. Orders can be placed on line or by phone. Prices are given on the sites for particular sizes of stencil but if a different size is required just contact us for a price. I do not know what country you are in, I am guessing the USA. The postal charge is five GB Pounds per order but you will find that info on the site. Let me know if I can help further.

Helen Morris.
The Stencil Library.

stencil helen

I've received a plea for help with a stencil project and will post it and my answer in the hope that it may help others.
L wrote 'Oh my goodness do I ever need some help! I purchased the paisley stencils and have been staring at how to get started for the last hour. I want to do a whole wall behind my bed but I want to do this smartly. Should I get the spray adhesive to tack the stencil to the wall? I wasn't sure if that was just for fabric. Since I am doing so many of these should I spray paint or use a brush? I can't tell one side of the stencil from the other so does it really matter which side I use? I am guessing I will need to flip it anyway for the pattern design. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated so that this doesn't look terrible and take me a month to do.'
I have replied.
Dear L,
Yes, a light misting of the spray adhesive will help on most surfaces. The stencil that you have chosen does not have a pattern repeat. It is three separate motifs to use wherever you choose... that can be both daunting and liberating. I will try and make it less daunting for you.

Yes use a stencil brush. If it used with very little paint the stencilling will be faster and cleaner than using a spray.

Because your stencil does not tie up to a repeating pattern you may use either side. Flip it if you want to stencil a mirror image of any of the elements.

If you are using just one colour I recommend using our extra large brush Size 8. It's about an inch diameter. Use a gentle swirling circling motion and it will be faster than stippling (dabbing) the colour. The imprint should be touch dry immediately so then you can reposition turn and flip your stencil with ease. You can also add more colours if desired. One brush is needed for each colour. A quick and effective way is to stencil with the main colour then with the stencil still in place pick up a different brush prepped with the second colour and just tickle this lightly and randomly over parts of the imprint. I have put a link to a blog post where this stencil has been used behind a bed. The artist has not used the design over the whole wall and she has used one subtle colour to good effect. http://designinspiration.typepad.com/design_inspiration_planet/2008/07/free-flowing-paisley.html
I will attached a photo where I used the same stencil (larger) using many shades. Try your technique onto some paper or practise board before starting your wall. Stencil a few of the motifs onto paper, cut around them and place them around your wall until you are confident with the spacing. Start sparsely, you can always add! I am here most of the time so if you have other questions please ask. Years ago I bought a lovely stencil from another company and with all my years of experience I did not know how to use it and it's still in its box I don't want that happening to you. So have a go and if you need further tips email me.

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