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June 23, 2009


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Lynne Rutter



You guys just crack me up! I can see you all lounging around in that beautiful tent with a chocolate fountain....! can I come work for you? I would do anything

stencil helen

Can we pay you in chocolate?

Fresh Design

Wow, that is a gorgeous tent! I love the last picture, with it all lit up.


Helen, unfortuantely Helen I am not that big of a chocolate fan.....and what paint to you use for fanbrics? so that it is not stiff and paint like

stencil helen

Thank you Cat and Fresh Design. The paints that we used on the tent were the Liquitex concentrated acrylic that we sell. BUT they have recently discontinued many of the colours so we are looking for a new paint to stock. So if you want some get it quick.

stencil helen

Fresh Design, I just visited you. You feature some very handsome products

carpet cleaning las alamos

I enjoy the photos looking at your photos being featured here in your site. How do you clean all of that? And what would be the easiest way to clean the carpet? I will be glad if you will answer this. I will visit your site again.

stencil helen

Easy to clean the floor, I just mop it with water and the canvas sides of the tent got washed in the bath. In future I shall buy pre washed canvas though.

my castle in spain

I saw your tent on Theresa's fabulous blog and i find it simply wonderful!


I am in love with this tent.
Wish you were my neighbor. What a delightful way to spend a Summer night.

yvonne a new visitor.

stencil helen

Thanks Theresa, Yvonne and My Castle in Spain. I am hoping to re do the tent with waterproof canvas. I have bought an iron day bed for it

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