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November 24, 2009


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Beth Cabrera

I would love this for my daughter's dresser!

stencil helen

Then she shall have it.

I will be in touch to get details etc.

Every one else, keep looking there will be more free stencils as I clear my store room.

stencil helen

Beth Carbrera,
I hope that you are reading this. I do not know how to reach you as I don't know where to leave a message on your contact page. Please email me at helen@stencil-library.com so that I can get your stencil to you.


Dam early everyday, then today!!!!Beth have fun with your stencils. Helen, loveing my Antlers....

stencil helen

Hi Liz, I'm still hoping that Beth will contact me so that I can get here free stencils delivered. If I don't hear from her they will be offered again.
I shall give her more time though.
If any one wants to know what 'Antlers' Liz is having fun with, see them here. http://designinspiration.typepad.com/design_inspiration_planet/2009/11/final-runner-up-in-the-crown-jewels-2009-competition.html
So glad that you are enjoying them, you know we will want photos.

Kate McHardy

If she does not get in contact I would love love love to have them!!! They are gorgeous!!!

stencil helen

Thanks Kate.
If I hear nothing from Beth they will be offered again. New unused ones are available for sale through our web site. The page link is http://www.stencil-library.com/docs/cat325.htm
There is something quite charming about that stencil and so far I have liked all the interpretations of it that I have seen from customer photographs.
There will be different 'Larger than Life' stencils offered in the future as I am trying to get some new room sets done at the moment.

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