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December 17, 2009


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I'm having a problem where to put my 3 sets of antlers, maybe someones xmas gift. Yours looks just right in the panalled room.


I love the antlers! Well, I liked it in the kitchen as well! Have a great holiday.


What's the border stencil that you're using at the top of the Wall in the Black room? The one where you said the red Christmoose picture complemented the black? I am redoing my bedroom and I've been searching and searching for a special touch or embellishment to add to my solid walls, and I think that's it! :) If you would share that with me, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks!

stencil helen

With pleasure Shasta. The stencil around the top of the black room was GMT23 from the Gothic collection. I had it enlarged. The design TR113 in budget stencils is also very close to this design. Both designs are from www.stencil-library.com Decide what height you need it then tell sales@stencil-library, they will give you a price.

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