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January 18, 2010


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You are such a trend setter! I love the cup towel hanging on the antlers. Great post.


Helen when will the stags head be available & how much please. It was in the Sunday Mails YOU magazine.

stencil helen

Hi Liz, Do you mean the stags head in Rachels bedroom? If so it's fifty nine pounds, has five overlays
and is available now by phine or email, it's not on our web site yet. It has printed areas around the cut out so that you can make a rather funky all over pattern from it. If I've got the wrong design come back to me. Which issue of YOU was it in?


last Sundays YOU, I'm doing an order from your catalog can I add it there???? What size is it Helen???

stencil helen

Hi Liz, The size of the Monarch OTG stag stencil is 55.4x 55.85 centimetres, it's almost square. Remember we can enlarge or reduce size if needed. Yes you can add it it to your order.


wow! that chandelier stencil is so beautiful!

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