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February 22, 2010


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I hope I'm first?......

stencil helen

You are indeedy! It will be my pleasure to send them. It's late here so I will email you tomorrow for delivery details. Well done and thank you.

Lynne Rutter

ah, these are amazing! i wish i'd seen this earlier. well, off to browse the catalogue now!

Juliana Ramirez

id like some stencils. im renting a room right now and would like to cover the walls with branches and birds. haha rentals...

stencil helen

Juliana, Being in a rental should not put you off trying to stencil. If you are unable to decorate floors or walls look to using roller blinds or unframed canvas as a wall hanging. I'm working on a pair of canvas right now. The beauty of them is that you have the enjoyment of creativity and can take them with you. A large roller blind (IKEA have cheap ones)could cover a lot of wall space with birds and branches! Good luck!


I saw this very late... do you have any other stencils you are giving away? Much obliged.

stencil helen

Yes Sofia I do. I have taken a break from it whilst I get Paypal sorted for the postage charges. A couple of recent commentors have not collected their stencils and I worried that possibly they do not want to give me their card details. Most of the successful winners know of me and my company so are confident of dealing with me. I shall sort Paypal for those that are not. I hope my used stencil giveaway will start again soon. I have some lined up, photographed and ready to go! Visit again.

jorgine averett

i have finally arrived. i will use anything you have. jla

stencil helen

I will be resuming the giveaway stencils again soon.

Jocelyn Ishizaki

Hello, I just found chinoiserie wallpaper and of course fell in love. Thought I would see if stencils were avaiable. I was so excited I found the Stencil Library but the price was too high. But then i found your website and saw all the beautiful things you have done and then found that you give them away. Oh my, excitement to the 10 degree. Do you have more available? Would just love it if you did.

helen morris

Jocelyn, yes I do have more giveaways and some of them are Chinoiserie inspired. I just post them when I have the time and if you are the first to leave a published comment and are prepared to pay the post charges then the stencil might be yours next time.

M. Stewart

I have become almost addicted to studying about stencils and was amazed someone would actually give away such beautiful stencils. I would l.ove to know if you are still doing this as I would be most appreciative. I attempted to make my own today but my design was so intricate and i could not cut this pattern. After many hours of work I felt discouraged because i really want to use them in my bedroom. Thanks!

stencil helen

M. I must get organised and clear another couple of stencils from the store room for our blog readers. Cutting a stencil is not easy. Did you see our instructions in the how to stencil section? I'tslon the left hand side of the blog page. Electric heatpens are sometimes a good way of cutting intricate stencils but it does depend on your budget as to how feasible that might be. We sell stencils from £6 up to £300. The price often reflects the complexity of design. Keep checking into Designinspiration blog we may be giving 'the perfect one' away

Tina Bartlett

very Beautiful


Do you still have ch15 to give away or something similar? I have been lusting after de gourney For 10 years but out of our price range....... And saw Gracie wallpaper too. But who needs that if you can stencil ?

Security Screens Melbourne

wow! they look so pretty. I think they will absolutely look great on my fabric window shades.

stencil helen

Mardi Gosh I am sorry. I am sorry that I have only just seen your comment from 3 months ago. You have prompted me to take another look at what's in the store.
You are right stunning decoration can be made with stencils and although this collection of Chinoiserie stencils is not cheap it can allow a De Gourney or Gracie look to be achieved on a smaller budget. Thank you for the comment.


Do you have any suggestions for stenciling a large planet Saturn on my sons bedroom wall? I realize I missed the free stencils you were giving away :( They are absolutely beautiful. Your work is wonderful!!!

Helen Morris

Thanks Kathleen, How big do you want this Saturn to be?

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