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March 05, 2010


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Hands down, that is the Handsomest
pair of Hands ever! 'Gotta Hand it to you - you are so Handy!
Brilliant design, cool colorways, very inspiring. Somebody Hand me some paint!

Sorry to be so silly. 'Couldn't resist. I guess I got a little out of Hand...


Great direction for stencils! The detail and overall patterns are so accurate.

stencil helen

Love it Vicki, I tried to reply with more puns...but I reckon you got them all.
Theresa, thanks. I saw fabulous buddah lanterns in a market in Amsterdam. If I could find them here I would be tempted to build a room around those lamps and the hands. Will post a pic of the lamps.

Karen Fenter

How long would it take for the stencils to be shipped to the states? I am leaving the end of the month to go back to Qatar.

stencil helen

To be on the safe side give yourself 10 working days for a regular airmail package to reach USA from UK. It has sometimes arrived in half the time but that's an exception. There is a priority airmail service which costs a little more. Neither service offers a guaranteed time frame. Couriers are expensive but we can arrange it.
If you order now you should be in good time for the end of the month, We can send to Qatar too.

I love New York Sky Diving

These stencils are awesome. I love the variations in color. I would love to have something like that on my wall in my apartment.

helen morris

New York SD. You could stencil the parachutes with them

Samantha Lorrie

That is so cool! I'm thinking of doing this but on papyrus and with Egyptian hieroglyphs inside, I'll post a picture when I'm done.

helen morris

That should look great, Samantha

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