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April 22, 2010


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Glad you are home safe and sound! Nothing like your own feathered nest! Can't wait for Salon photos.


glad to see you're home safe & sound


Been meaning to catch up with you! Glad you are back okay from your extended holiday! Hey, I am stenciling my cement basement floor - any hints? I think I'll do 18" squares on a diagonal in a putty color and muddy aquamarine. What do you think?

helen morris

Great idea DB. I like putty and aqua. We have stencils in the Big and Bold collection of stencils which would help you. Otherwise, mark the pattern out with tape and paint your squares. Personally I would go for the stencil option...but then I would say that. Acrylic paint or water based floor paint will both be suitable for your project. Email us again if you have questions.

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