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July 02, 2010


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Sensational work by Jeff Raum. Thanks for posting it.
I do like your Chinoiserie wall better, probably because of the deep purple background.
I have used and loved your stencils.

stencil helen

Thanks Gina, We'd love to see photos if you have time. I like the inventive things that you do with stencils.

Michelle Broussard

Having been out of work for a while now I got back in to painting and decided to make a few stencils of my own. I was googling for inspiration when I came across your range of stunning stencils.
I am quite humbled with my own creations now and would love to try one of yours.
Do you have any free stencils available at the moment, please?

stencil helen

Michelle, as soon as I have PayPal set up as an alternative to credit cards for the postage of my used stencils I will be starting the give aways again. I am hoping that all might be set up by next weekend but don't hold your breath! Anyway, my used stencils are photographed, packed and ready to be offered again soon. Keep visiting, the first person to leave a published comment on the giveaway posts gets the stencil.


wow!!! i'm really impressed with your work. it's fantastic...the things you can do with stencil are unbelievable.

i did a post about Desing Inspiration in my blog ;)




stencil helen

Humberto. Thank you for your kind words and the post that you wrote. I enjoyed your site too.

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