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September 07, 2010


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Hi Helen, Am I the first to comment?

stencil helen

You are indeed. Congratulations. I will contact you by email later today and will have pleasure in sending the stencils to you.

Beth Cabrera

I hope I'm not too late, maybe I can get at least one of these great stencils.

stencil helen

Oh Beth, you just missed it by five minutes. I'll be doing some others others soon. I think you were actually the first to comment on one of the very early give aways but I was never able to reach you.
If Tom decides that he does not want his stencils then they will be offered to you next, otherwise please check in again.


I love my Marylin stencil, she is everywhere in my home. Tom or Beth will really enjoy this give away........

stencil helen

Hey Liz, Lovely to hear from you. I am glad that the stencil was put to good use.

This was a stencil used in our 'new stencil techniques' class. Liz was one of my wonderful students.

To Angel, Your comment has suddenly disappeared but to answer your question. There is only one giveaway stencil and Tom has got it for being the first to comment. There are other stencils of faces in our collection and there will be more coming soon. They start at just under fifteen UK Pounds up to a hundred depending on the size an complexity of the design. This stencil is not offered on our web site yet but many others are. Visit www.stencil-library.com and use the search facility to help you find different subjects. The sizes and prices are published with each design.

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