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September 13, 2010


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What a great old movie house. The murals are beautiful, and I absolutely love the curtains! The scale, the design, and especially the colors; strong and subtle at the same time. Just gorgeous!

stencil helen

I heard from Anne at The Patricia Theatre she writes'..our main drapes are French velvet, originally a deep slate blue/gray and now "smoked" to an indeterminate swamp green/brown. The were constructed and stencilled in the Shearer Studios of Seattle, Washington and were shipped up by rail and steamship for installation in 1928. The stencilling is in tempera and gold lacquer based paints, unfortunately, rendering the drapes un-dry cleanable. The Girvan Studios of Vancouver painted the original murals, with a deliberate homage to the atmospheric theatres of John Eberson, and subsequent redecorating throughout the 40's and 50's to "modernize" the look of the Theatre was also done by the Girvan Studios. My sons and my restoration palette has been guided by the last surviving bits of original paint and gilding on plaster, and later discovering that the original colour of the velvet main drape was the same colour blue that we'd arbitrarily chosen to compliment the gold/ochre walls was a real bonus!

Thank you so much for including us on your website: When we had the curtains down for repairs a couple of summers ago, a friend and I traced both motifs onto mylar sheets so that we could stencil the new drapes I'll be making next year. The original drapes had suffered so much water damage from a leaking roof in the 90's that I've been hard pressed to keep them mended and hanging. We've found a source in Montreal for an identical French velvet ( or stage velour, as it's called), so it's just a matter now of raising the funds to acquire it and settling down to the sewing, stencilling, lining, weighting and hanging of the replicas'.

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