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October 28, 2010


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Denise Malueg

Living in the Washington DC area, I always lust after your dogwood stencil in the spring, when our dogwoods are big, puffy, pink clouds around the Tidal Basin and all around the city. And I think "Hey, I should get that stencil." Then the petals drop in piles so thick you'd think the Park Service will have to shovel them like snow, off the pathways. The temps warm and my thoughts turn to that whopper dandelion stencil, that screams "Hello Summer!" One of these days I will have them both in my collection.

Thanks for making stencils that sing the seasons!

Karen F.

I love the stencil, Helen and I would love to be the winner.

stencil helen

Congratulations Denise. I shall email you privately.
Facebook user, you were pipped to this one by five minutes, but if Denise declines for any reason, I will offer to you next. Stay tuned I'll have another one soon.

Denise Malueg

Whoops - did I say dogwood? I meant cherry blossoms, of course! They line our Tidal Basin, and dot the rest of the city. HUGE cherry blossom festival in the spring. Can't escape them. Really.

My big DOG was contently snoozing at my feet while I was writing earlier. DOGwood was at the tip of my typing fingers.... my dog is a Saint Bernard; takes up a lot of space in my house, as well as my mind, I guess!

Elias Junior


Karen Fenter

Hi Helen,
Changed my facebook profile to show my name.

Bethany Sheldon

Can't believe i've just missed this giveaway.
I am just decorating my bathroom and want to stencil with japenese cherry blossom as we have just got married and we got a new bath for a wedding present. Cherry blossom is particularly special to us as we got engaged in Japan and want to create a japenese themed room to remind us of this special day! Your house has inspired me to have a go!!! Beth

Karen Albert

Helen I would adore having this stencil set!! I have just the project!!

Art by Karena

helen morris

Bethany, congratulations on your recent marriage. I am glad that you are inspired to stencil. Take a look at stencil number DR 2 cherry blossom. It is very versatile as you build it yourself. It may be a perfect fit for your bathroom.

Nadia Wood

I adore this cherry blossom stencil :)

stencil helen

To all the cherry blossom stencil fans, do click on the links where they available for sale. Denise was the lucky recipient of the give away. Maybe one day she will share photos of whatever she created with them. There will be more give-aways soon. I was so inspired by the one that I was about to offer that I have planned a new decorative scheme with it. Sorry. I'll just have to chose a different one for next week.

Susie Miller

I've tried withoput success to create a interesting design on furniture we are re-inventing for our new shop in the Outer Banks of North Carolinaq.
We just discovered you in Country Living. Cant wait to get started.
Would love to win one of the Gothic/Medieval stencils unless you have a better suggestion for shabby chic type furniture.

Susie Miller

helen morris

Hi Susie, I have been trying to locate a magazine article where our stencils were used on a shabby chic style dresser. I wanted to show it to you. The stylist used bird and blossom from the Japanese collection and it looked wonderful. It was done in soft greys, blues and pale green, Lace might be a nice touch on that style of furnitue there are two in the Vintage Collection on our .co.uk site. If you put lace and/or bird and blossom into the search they should all come up. www.stencil-library,co.uk.


Oh no! I just discovered your page and you have the very dream I have dreamt. I have been wanting to stencil my home so badly and I've searched and searched for the right stencil. My mouth went dry when I saw your stencils and designs. Are there any free ones left? What about not free ones??? I am in love and would like to live on your website!!! Thank you for all of this divine inspiration.
Best, Catherine

Helen Morris

Hi Catherine, We are so pleased that you like our site. We sell stencils so there are always 'not free ones' but every so often I do a clear out of my own used stencils and they will be offered as free stencils. Do visit us again, we may be doing a stencil give away. I think todays give away is some Australian Vogue magazines. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

Vicki Jackson

So very beautiful! Very inspiring.
If you have another free apple blossom stencil please consider me.
Many thanks

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