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January 18, 2011


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Your new website is fabulous! You have always had great stencils...now they are showcased they way they should be.


I think it's immeasurably better. The inclusion of colour gives much more idea of how the stencils might be used. The whole presentation is more lively and approachable.

When I saw on the front page 'stencils for fabric', 'stencils for furniture', stencils for fabric' etc, I was delighted and hoped to find suggestions of which stencils might be good for each of those various applications. Maybe it's already there and I missed it?

Love the new (I think they're new?) toiles. Having used the Blue Willow and found it to be wonderful,I have been lusting after an orange and pink Quadrille-inspired toile wall. And now you have just the stencils!

One question - I thought the 'Pure Pattern' section which appeared on your mail looked as if it might have good stencils for floors, and the 'marble' looked wonderful for fabric, but I can't find 'Pure Pattern on the site, even when I did a search. I'm currently sick in bed and it may just be that my mental faculties are shot to pieces, but I cannot find it anywhere!

But overall, it's brilliant.


Lynne Rutter

congratulations! that must have been a huge amount of work. it looks gorgeous

Helen Morris

Thanks Lynne and Gina.
Pamela, no you are not going nutty.
Both the pages that I illustrated are in the Vintage Collection. Yes there are some brilliant stencils for floors in there. The toiles are new. Thanks for the comment about stencils for walls, furniture etc. I had not intended to make suggestions for suitable stencils on the site but I will if many of you request it. However I am going to get some projects on there showing techniques for fabrics, floors etc. There is an very extensive photo library to come too.
Thanks for comments so far. Please keep them coming.


Ohh, Helen - it looks gorgeous! What a job that must have been. Congratulations!

Karen Fenter

Hi Helen,
I love the new site; much easier to navigate to see prices in other currencies to seeing the stencils in their groupings.

stencil helen

Thanks Regina and Karen. It has been four years of work by my husband who designed it and Dave from Ai5 who made it web friendly.
There is still lots to come. I am pleased that the prices in other currencies are now easier to find.


The addition of color, and color separation in the black/white/gray illustrations makes it so much easier to envision your designs in use. The closer views are great too.

Your new site is fantastic!


Helen, LOVE the new look! You husband and Dave did a fabulous job.


Helen, the new site is fantastic! The color makes it so much easier to sell the design concept to clients before actually buying the stencil and doing samples. Sometimes it is just so hard for clients to visualize what a design will look like in color. I have found whenever I can show them the design "in use" it is so much better. I appreciate all the hard work you and Chips and staff have put into this new site!

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