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April 20, 2011


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thank you for sharing about Rhubarb in arrangements - I will have to try that! and btw in Canada we always ate the Rhubarb raw too. I have learned that one must be careful of too much of it because it can contribute to kidney stones. We also made Rhubarb punch. It is very high in Calcium and Vitamin C.


rhubarb flowers are amazing - they make a really lovely show in the garden. Im surprised more people dont have them. They last for ages and are a real talking point....but I cant stand eating the stuff (far too healthy)

Rhubarb Recipes

Hello again,
You can contact me via the contact form at the bottom left of my website. Thanks!

Rhubarb Recipes

I am not sure if my original comment was lost..I think I did not complete it before I lost the page...lol..sorry if this is a duplicate.

Anyways, I LOVE the arrangement of the rhubarb flowers and leaves!!

I love rhubarb, and so I began a site devoted entirely and only to rhubarb. It includes 100's or rhubarb recipes, information about growing rhubarb, rhubarb nutritional information, and more:)

I would REALLY appreciate it if I could post the picture above of the flowering rhubarb set in vases. I absolutely love it.
I have never seen this done with rhubarb flowers!

I would put the pic here: http://www.rhubarb-central.com/rhubarb-flowers.html

I would include a note with a link back to your blog, or whatever you would like the photo credit to be.

Please let me know! (via the "comments" section on my website would be appreciated)

Great blog btw!
(hope I did not spam your comments area by sending this message twice!)


helen morris

Hi Lois, I could not find the comment section.... but a brilliant site for rhubarb info! Yes you may use my picture with pleasure.

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