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May 13, 2011


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Patrick Gracewood

Theresa does amazing work. I love the art hidden inside the smock. Wonder if the large size would fit me?

Thea Holmes

Ab Fab!


What a great post. :) I love Theresa so -- both she and the smock are wonderful! (I do like the addition of the black bow, too.)

Lynne Rutter

theresa is adorable and so is her beautiful smock!


Helen thanks for featuring Theresa this is just as amazing a smock as I thought it would be!

Art by Karena

Helen Morris

Theresa, Did you paint the wheel behind you?

home before dark

This is like an artists version of 84 Charing Cross Road. Love the friendship swimming back and forth.

Theresa Cheek

SO many lovely comments! You are all my good friends and incredible artists.
Patrick-Trust me, you can wear it! They are "one size" and extremely ample!
Helen-the wheel was painted by Jan Berghuis depicting the secret of the Golden Mean.

my castle in Spain

Bravo ! This is such a cool and creative collaboration...and Theresa, this smock is so you ! The black bow is adorable and...please. may we get to see the gondolier shoes ? :-)

Susan Jacobs

You mentioned that you found took some wonderful prints and transferred them to the smocks. How do you transfer a print to fabric? Sorry....I am not an artist, but you inspire me to try.

stencil helen

I shall pass your enquiry to Theresa.
Anyone else with advice please chip in.

Theresa Cheek

Thanks Helen, I contacted her. For anyone wanting to know the process, just go to an office supply store to the computer paper aisle and buy a package of iron-on t-shirt transfer paper. You can scan your image into your computer or use a file your already have. Put a sheet of transfer paper into your copier and then, cut out the design and iron on. The transfer paper costs about one dollar a piece. A package of ten sheets is around 12-15 dollars.

helen morris

Brilliant, thank you Theresa. I am tempted to try transfers over a stencilled fabric. Maybe insects on a floral pattern.
I had a customer who combined transfers of portraits (photographs)with stencilled pattern onto walls. Does anyone one know what product may have been used for wall transfers?

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