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June 29, 2011


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WOW. I loved your wisteria skirt (really loved), and this one is as amazing. Doing a skirt like these two is now officially on my bucket list. You are so talented. Love the quote, can you share it with attribution. Really appreciate the creativity that constantly springs forth from your foreheads, fully clothed and ready to go.

stencil helen

Hi Dru, The poem is by Verlaine. The stencil is sold at Country By Mail of Sweden.

Schabloner means stencil.
They have a very nice site and sell quite a few of our stencils but that one is their design so I can not sell them. I think they ship worldwide and have a translation button on the website incase your Swedish is as bad as mine.
I'm so glad that you liked it..get stencilling girl and send a picture of the finished outfit.

Karen Fenter

Hi Helen,
I love the way the skirt turned out with the stencils. I am going to do a class in Qatar using scarves with the stencils I brought out with me. This gives me inspriration.

helen morris

That's great Karen, do post the details of your class here if you would like to.

Theresa Cheek

well, you MUST get a picture of you in the skirt! I love the script over the designs.....and the overall design is so wonderful! It is like you are wearing vintage chinoiserie wallpaper! Fantastic!!

stencil helen

I did get one and I'll post it. The skirt got drenched in champagne....luckily not my own. A gust of wind caught the table cloth at the garden party and tipped all the drinks on me. Thank goodness that the paint on the skirt is tough. There was no red wine on the table and I was holding my own glass when it happened!


One of the coolest, prettiest things I've ever seen. I've daydreamed about doing a dress... since I saw your wisteria skirt actually...and now this one... They're both amazing, and so inspiring.

Thanks so much.

Helen Morris

Hi Vicki, I have loaned the skirt to a friend to wear tomorrow night. We are singing blue grass and old timey duets at a fund raiser. She will be wearing the Chinoiserie skirt and I will be wearing the wisteria! Will try and pursuade someone to take a picture. Hope that it does not rain.

Betty Cooper

A beautiful design- is that lettering style available in your standard line?

stencil helen

Hi Betty I am not sure if it's one of our In Your Own Words collection or not. I shall ask Rachel and come back to you with an answer.

Regina Blount

Just fabulous...and elegant. I'm just now getting interested in stenciling so this would be down the road....where do I get a collective collection of how to start and where to buy the products to get started? I'm reading your post and love all your work....love...love....love!

Helen Morris

Thank you Regina, stencilling fabric is really easy as long as you prevent the fabric from wriggling about. We use a light misting of Spraymount on our work table and smooth the fabric onto it. To get started I would recommend 3 or 4 brushes of differing size. A can of Spraymount and three paint colours plus a gold. We can ship everything worldwide except Spraymount, that is UK post only. However it is for sale in many countries. If you look at the accessories section of www.stencil-library.com you will find all our paints and brushes. Our stencils are shown in the catalogue section.

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