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June 27, 2011


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Helen, I thought I sent this comment the other day, but I think it did not go through! Thanks so much for the heads up about the magazine article. I was not sure when it was going to appear or if it was at all! Just received the Ostrich stencil I ordered from you and am eager to get it up on my front hall walls! Of course, I have to get it prepped first. :-( Will send pics when it is done. Thanks!

stencil helen

That's strange Carol a few people are telling me that they thought they had left a comment and it had not appeared. I'm not blocking you all...promise. I enjoy getting comments and they seem to have gone quiet of late.

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Stencilling is really an incredible and fun way to add more artistry in our homes. I really love the designs and how they bring a new twist to the overall backdrop. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog.

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