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June 04, 2011


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I love it. It's wonderful. Very Fromentalish. I have recently bought a new house in which there is a pretty useless shower room which, it has been decided, is to be a guest jungle bathroom and lav with a dark glass roof. I can just see these colours and this pattern leaping in wild abandon all over the walls.


Theresa Cheek

They are wonderful! They make me happy too! The colors are so saturated and rich...perfect for the asian theme...great post!


I would describe it as effervescent!!
The colours are lovely, Helen.


a day with 10 colours...not bad going! I would have faffed and been into the second day for sure :)
Beautiful wall

Helen Morris

A couple of readers have contacted our office for a list of the colours used. Yaaaay are you going to have a go at stencilling a happy wall? The colours are from Liquitex and Golden Paints. Liquitex are available from my site.
Contact goldenpaints.com for suppliers of their colours.
cadmium red light, titanium white, medium magenta, viridian, emerald green, bronze yellow, turners yellow, blue-violet,light blue permanent and raw umber.
Golden acrylics provided the cyan blue.
The colour on the wall was Emerald by Johnstones Paints.


this is sooooo beautiful Helen and I cannot believe you did that IN A DAY!
PS: I worte a comment a couple days ago...don't know if it go to you...

stencil helen

Yes Cat..but it was a long day.
I did not get any message from you a couple of days ago I just checked incase I missed it. Lovely to hear from you thanks for commenting.


So glad I found your blog! What a load of inspiration and beauty. I never thought of stenciling a chinoiserie "paper" onto my entry wall...always thought it was just an over-priced dream :)
Kassie aka "Mom"
author of Maybe someone should write that down...

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