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November 03, 2011


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Congratulations, Helen. The book is fabulous xx

stencil helen

That's very kind of you Jeanne....your cheque is in the mail.

Lynne Rutter

i can't wait to see it! congratulations, Helen!

stencil helen

Hi Lynne, I hope that you would like it. It should be in the USA bookstores by now. The book was published as a craft title and is very much a how to get started book but there are some nice projects in there. I like the dogs wallpaper and the falling blossom fabric.

Karen F.

Helen, I got notification that your book arrived in Qatar. I am going to pick it tomorrow or sometime this week. Thanks.

helen morris

Oh goody, it's a bummer that it arrived a day too late for you to collect it from the UK, Karen.
USA readers, I am hearing that the American versions are now being delivered.

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