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July 11, 2012


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you ould have told me yesterday I had my car at work!. Can't wait for the new classes


Holly E.

I'd love to buy a few items. Is there any way you can do an auction or just a facebook sale?
Just post photos and your prices? we already know you take cards and ship. On Ebay some sellers photograph "lots" (groups of items and pack it all in a box and estimate shipping in the price) then it is packed and ready to ship out when sold?
I know it is a lot to do right before convention.

stencil helen

Elaine I'm sorry, it would have been lovely to see you. I was a little shell shocked. However I am quite excited about the new plans and am starting to clear spaces tomorrow. Held a privat course in the dining room today which worked nicely.

Holly, That's a great idea. I may consider an ebay or FB sale with some of the lighter items if I can find some time. I had until the end of the month to clear the shop but of course I leave for the USA convention so have to sort it before leaving UK. A fair bit of the things I need to clear are shop fittings and heavy things like my 'fake walls' they may be useful to artists as extra hanging space. Rachel has at least two dressing tables and we have five dining tables in the shop! It will be lovely to see you in Nevada later this month if you can make it.

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