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November 22, 2012


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Wow, pls pls put them in your store, my mom loves pigs and a flying pig bag would be a great present.

Helen Morris

Hi Dru, I will stencil a cream coloured one for the store as I only have one black bag at the moment. If I put them in the store I have to be able to send the same bag within three days. That Pig Bags will be £26.00 plus post. I may put a crystal on the leading pig if it suits him. If you'd like the black pig bag email me by tomorrow or mark your reply comment as private and I will not take the bag to the craft fair. I'll try to do a cream one to show you this afternoon.


I emailed you, would love the black one, he's gorgeous and my mom will love him (now you must have to take up stenciling that lovely wisteria skirt that is to die for, for sale).

Helen Morris

He is reserved for you Dru, I will email you with PayPal info and if you would like a personalised label on the bag I'll get the details.

Re the stencilled wisteria skirt... I would LOVE to have a supply of those fab skirts to stencil wisteria onto for discerning ladies such as yourself (and me) but I got that one from Ralph Lauren (outlet) it's yards of silk and net and I don't think my budget will stretch to another like it. Maybe some fab frock designer may like to collaborate on a collection!

Helen Morris

ooooh just seen that Pig Bag has a gig in Newcastle. Must investigate.

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