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December 29, 2012


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Sabina Rose

Wow, truly inspirational. The way she combines photos and paint is so clever, and her attention to detail is phenomenal. Thanks, Helen!

Theresa Cheek

The first work I saw of hers was the drunken monkeys marouflage! She is just the best! This is a fantastic article Helen, thank you for featuring her!

Helen Morris

Yes, the drunken monkeys are fab, Did you see the wine labels? I first encountered Zebo when I saw a portfolio at our IDAL convention. She had stencilled giant gerbera daisies onto a wall using an airbrush and one of my stencils. It was stunning, it appears in one of her facebook mural albums. I met her through Donna Phelps at Sarasota School of Decorative Arts.

Zebo Ludvicek

Thanks SO MUCH for the blog Helen. I so appreciate the encouragement.... ESP from a fellow artist I respect so much.

Helen Morris

My pleasure Zebo, it seems from the blog and Facebook comments that you have many artist fans. I shall look forward to featuring other aspects of your work in future posts including the giant gerbera daisy stencil that first brought you to my attention. Happy New Year.

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