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October 05, 2015


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Theresa Cheek

I think the Texas tourism board will want to hire you now! I love the light you caught in the Marfa skies. Great post!

Karen Fenter

I am a native Texan, but have never been there. I don't know that my husband would like the town, but he might like Big Bend National Park.

Helen Morris

Karen, I really think more Britains than Americans know about Marfa. It is a tiny town by your standards and quite remote. It has made a few appearance in our 'style' magazines and papers.
I have a friend who said her ambition was to become an old lady that lived happily in Marfa with a dozen cats. She is yet to get there full time.
Compromise with hubby two days Big Bend, two in Marfa and and one at the Gage Hotel in between. More about the hotels in another post.

Helen Morris

Texas tourist board can hire me whenever!!! Don't think the Marfans need my help though. Too many people would ruin the place. I have loads of picture of Marfa skies. They have a fab observatory there too. I need to get the earlier week at IDAL Forth Worth blogged too.

Karen Fenter

Hi, I live in East Texas now. One thing about Texas there is a lot of little towns that are dots on the map and very unusual towns. I seem to spend a lot of time on the road with taking art classes near the border of Texas and Arkansas and my parents are in Central Texas. Wish I had more time to explore my own state.

stencil helen

I say that about Britain Karen, both of them would take a longggg time.

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