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April 04, 2018


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stencil helen

Here are sizes and prices for our LAN stencils. During the special offer (ending May1st 2018) deduct 20% from the prices.
LAN1 EMBROIDERY WALL BORDER  1479mm tall x 7701 Pattern repeat (58.1/4” x 30”) £130.00
LAN2 MOULDING BORDER  approx 13” high  20.00
LAN3 MOONFLOWER   228x1861 (7.1/4" wide x 9” high)  21.00
LAN4 SUNFLOWER   233x1861mm  “ “ 21.00
LAN5 DAISY    232x1861mm  “ “ 21.00
LAN6 TULIP    229x1861mm  “ “ 21.00
LAN7 FLOWER BASKET   747x464mm  (29.5”x18.25 “) £79.00
LAN8 BUTTERFLY BORDER   172x392mm. (6.8”x15.4”  £26.00
LAN9 BUTTERFLY MOTIF   444x290mm. (17.5X11.5”)  £45.00
LAN10 SINGLE BUTTERFLY   94x118mm  (3.5x4.5) £9.00
LAN11 BUTTERFLY REPEAT   229x260mm. (9x10.5”)  £24.00
We can cut the stencils in different sizes; contact us. Non special offer items such as stencils, brushes, paints etc can be chosen from our website and added to your LAN order so that just the one postage charge applies.
Contact us for more information or to order. Mark private comments in this feed as 'private' and they will not be published.

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