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June 14, 2018


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stencil helen

Pheasant Stencil Info:
Bird no 1. (Lady) Height 22’ (56cm) Width 12” (30cm) Size of stencil surround 24”x15” ( 61x38cms) £28.00
Bird no 2. (Pecking) H=21” (53cms) W=14.5 “((24cms) Stencil surround 23.5 (59cms)x 17” (43cms) £20.00
Bird no 3. (Look Back) H=20” (51cms) W= 9.5 (24cms) Stencil surround 12.5 (31cms) 21.5” (54cms) £16,00
Bird no 4. (Peg Leg))H= 22.5” (51cms) W=13” (34cms) Stencil surround 24” (61cms) x 16” (40cms) £28.00
Total for set. £72.00 Saving £20 from individual prices.
They can be made on heavy 10mil stencil film (for plaster textures, etc) Add 20% to those prices.
Postage prices are UK First Class Royal Mail. Free of charge
Standard Airmail EU countries £5.00
Standard Airmail Rest of world £7.00
Tracked, express delivery. Outside of the UK. £25.00
Leave a comment here or contact us for more information and to order.
Our stencils are made to order in the UK. We aim to cut and despatch your stencils within 2 business days.

Elaine Summers

Hi Everyone,
Really like the birds, can I order a full set, please.

Thanks Elaine

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