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Appearances, workshops and demonstrations

New Dates for Stencil Classes and Tours of The Stencilled Home

Helen stencils Chinese Wall sq

Would you like to learn to stencil or improve your stencil skills? I have dates for our classes and tours from now until June 2023 for our various events

Please contact us to book a place on tours or courses.

TOURS OF THE STENCILLED HOME. Morning or evening tours £17.00 per person

Week day eve dates start 7pm.   Weekend morning dates start 10am 2022:  

 2023: Jan 20th Fri eve, Feb 16th Thurs eve, March 10th  Fri eve,  May 17th Wed eve,  June 7th Wed eve.

All of the rooms in Stocksfield Hall are decorated with stencils. The house has been featured on television and in many books and magazines. The tour visits 12 rooms and the guide will explain the decoration of the different surfaces. After light refreshments a demonstration of basic stencil techniques is given. It is a fun and informal event. Duration 2.5 hours approx.

Private tours for groups of ten or less can be arranged Cost £160.00 per group.

Tea and Stipple

Tea, Tour, Make & Take £47.00 2pm-6pm   2023 Feb 10th Thurs, May 19th Fri.

After a guided tour around The Stencilled Home, enjoy tea, cake and a stencilling session. Participants decorate and take home a cushion cover. Ideal for a treat to yourself or with friends. Allow 4 to 4.5 hours. 

Private classes of four or less can be arranged on mutually acceptable dates. Price per group £170.00


Total beginners and those with previous stencilling experience should benefit from any class. Also, the classes may be useful for those that are already teaching paint related workshops and want to add some extra skills to their repertoire. We will start with the basic stencil skills then build. Once the techniques have been demonstrated the students will work and experiment to their own level. Bring a note book, tape measure and an overall/apron. Refreshments, lunch (vegetarian) and materials are provided on full day classes. Please advise us if you have any allergies or dietary requirements. Refreshments and materials are provided on half day classes. We offer a price reduction of £5.00 per class per person when two or more classes are booked at the same time (does not apply to House Tours).

STENCIL DAY 9.45-5pm £85.00   Saturdays 2023: Jan 21st, April 1st, May 13th, June 10th.

This class gives a good base to develop stencilling skills along with plenty of inspiration for using them. The day involves practical work, demonstrations and a visit to 12 of the stencilled rooms at Stocksfield Hall. Students will learn to cut a stencil and experiment with different media and surfaces including fabric. Participants gain confidence, knowledge and skills to tackle projects such as walls, floors and soft furnishings. Students take home completed samples and a starter kit worth around £45.00 which includes brushes.


STENCIL TECHNIQUES FOR FABRIC Half Day 9.00m-1pm – £80.00 Sundays April 2nd or May 14th.


This class gives you the knowledge, experience and technique to stencil fabrics for home decoration and clothing. Using an elaborate, square Moroccan style stencil and matching borders we will decorate a length of fabric. During the class you will learn how to apply colour, repeat the patterns, how to measure for symmetry and how to connect corners in your project. The stencil set worth £62.00 is included and yours to take home. The design is suitable for walls, floors and furniture decoration as well as fabric. 

STENCIL TECHNIQUES FOR FURNITURE. 9.45am -5.30pm. £95.00. Sunday, May 14th

Students will experiment with a collection of corners, borders, repeat and spot motif stencils to create panels, circlets and overall pattern. Special attention is given to corners, symmetry and contrast panels. Simple fantasy finishes and decoupage will be demonstrated. Students will practice with paint and metal leaf.  Many of the skills learned will apply to larger projects too.  Participants should gain skills and confidence to customise pieces of furniture and other small-scale projects.  Students take home completed samples of work on paper along with notes to accompany the class and more than £50.00 worth of stencils.

MIRROR IMAGE 9.45-5pm. £95.00   2023 March 11th Sat, June 11th Sun

Students will create a decorative mirror finish on a framed acrylic panel (size approx. 30x40cms). Students will explore stencilling reverse colour onto a transparent surface before gilding it.  A unique water gilding process and metal leaf will be employed.  This technique can transform flat glass or acrylic into a silver leaf effect mirror suitable for wall panels, splash-backs and furniture.  The mirror frame will be decorated using a different gilding process.  Students keep the stencil and the framed panel.

Stencilled mirror class em25                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Moroccan Style Panel. £110.00 9.45-5.30pm   2023 Feb 11th Sat   April 3rd Monday

A fun and challenging project; Students will create a decorative panel using repeat and border designs. You will leave with knowledge, experience and a fabulous set of stencils that will enable you to create further projects.  

Stencilled Moroccan canvas floor cloth class


CHINESE FAKE-AWAY Chinoiserie stencilled mural £250.00. 2 and 1/2 half days. 9.45-5 then 10. -1pm  2023 March 3,4,5th May 20,21,22nd

Fake your own Chinoiserie wallpaper with stencils. We will explore ways of using stencils to create the look of hand painted Chinese wallpapers from the 1700’s to the present day. We will create at least one decorative panel using a mixture of mural stencils, borders and repeats. We will practice simple gilding and broken colour techniques. Students use and take home a stencil set with a retail value of more than £200.00 to help create future murals and panels; discount will be given on the day if additional stencils are desired.

Chinoiserie class project 1 1302

We try to schedule different classes on consecutive days to help people when travelling; if a student is attending two or three classes, we will offer a £5 discount on each class.

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